Wholesaling and Investor Relations

We connect businesses seeking equity to registered Dealerships, Advisors, PM Groups, and Family Office within out strong network.  Steering through private equity markets can be a daunting task, with numerous competitors and increasingly complex regulations.  Furthermore, we have the proper investor and asset management software to more efficiently manage closings and communications with your investors. Whether you’re a private company or public company, BlueShore is available to direct our partners in the right direction and make the proper introductions.

Short-term liquidity Consulting

We can guide you on structuring or restructuring your entire capital stack, so Equity and Debt work efficiently/effective/symbiotically.

Private Investment Vehicle Structuring

Accessing Investment Capital is as much about the property structure as it is about the pictures and words on your powerpoint.  Picking any old investment structure won’t due, you have to focus on the fine balance between cost and internal requirements, with the proper structure that still marketably attracts targeted capital raise audiences to engage. 

We are experts at pinpointing and executing the most effective structure from below at the most efficient price point for your company expansion:

  • Bonds
  • Debentures
  • GP/LP Structuring
  • Mutual Fund Trusts
  • REIT’s
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